“inspiration” vs. “aspiration”

Inspiration” comes from the word “inspire“, while “aspiration” comes from the word “aspire“.

  • inspiration (n.) – a feeling of enthusiasm that gives you idea(s) to do something
  • aspiration (n.) – desire to achieve something


  1. The recent speech was an inspiration to all of us to strive and work harder.
  2. My inspiration to be successful comes from failures of renown figures.
  3. Marlene was inspired to do clay modelling after her success in egg carton crafts.
  4. The 50-year-old ruling coalition fell to the opposition as a result of the  aspirations of the people.
  5. aspire to be a good husband and father when I get married one day.

So, when you’re inspired, you are enthusiastic; when you aspire, you want to achieve something.