Homographs – meaning

The word “homograph” comes from a couple of Greek words, namely homos and grapho, literally meaning “same writing”. A homograph is a word which is spelled the same way as another word but may not be pronounced the same way, plus has a different meaning. The difference in pronunciation might be very slight, though, sometimes […]

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Homonyms – meaning

The word “homonym” comes from the Greek homonymos, meaning “having the same name”. A homonym is a word that not only sounds like another word but is also spelled the same, thus has the same name or signifier as another word. These words sound the same and look the same, their meaning, however, is completely […]

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“Pull out all the stops” meaning

To do everything you can to make something successful. Examples: The kids pulled out all the stops and organized a really great party. Republicans pulled out all the stops to ensure that the seat in the ruby red state didn’t fall into Democratic hands, including two rallies from President Donald Trump on Monday to help […]

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Homophone meaning

Homophone is a word that sounds alike another word but has a completely different meaning. Homophones can be problematic not just for foreign speakers of English, but for native speakers as well. Since these pairs of words are usually pronounced the same (to some varying extent), it can be difficult sometimes to remember the correct spelling. Here’s an example […]

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What does wtw mean in text

Using “WTW” is a great way to start a discussion on social media platforms like Twitter and Snapchat. This acronym is not just for the nerds out there, it has been around since the days of yore. It can be used in formal and informal settings. You can use it as a conversation starter and […]

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