I Founded It!

We know that the past participle of “find” is “found. For instance:

  • What did you find in the cave? I found some treasures there.

Sometimes the word “founded” is used in a sentence but it gives an entirely different meaning. For instance:

  • The organisation was founded by a prominent Chinese businessman. (√)

Take note that “founded” has nothing to do with the word “find“. Founded means established.

  • find (v.) – discover, experience
  • found (v.) – build, establish (an organisation, a company etc.)


  1. find working in this company a pleasure.
  2. I don’t find it funny, so I’m not laughing at your joke.
  3. She found me an easy person to get along with.
  4. She founded Doe Ltd. with a friend more than two decades ago.
  5. founded my own company when I was only twenty years old.
  6. The millionaire left a lot of money to his son to found a new property firm.

So, if your teacher tells you that there’s no such word as “founded“, you know that he or she is wrong.