Let’s Open

“Open” and “close” are used very often, but have you been using them correctly? I’m sure at one point or another, we have heard someone say the following: Open your shoes. Close the tap. In the sentences above, both words are incorrectly used although the meaning is understood – well, at least WE understand them. Here’s how […]

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“childish” vs. “childlike”

There’s a big sale today, and you excitedly tell your mom that you can’t wait to go shopping to buy your favourite soft toy – Garfield – and you’re 25 years old. Your mom instantly says: You’re so childish. You’re a grown woman, but you still want to play with soft toys. Notice the word in red? The correct […]

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“stationary” vs. “stationery”

There’s no spelling error here. Although both words are pronounced the same way,  “stationary” and “stationery” do not have the same meaning. Yet, you sometimes see mistakes. stationary (adj.) – not moving stationery* (n.) – writing materials like pen, pencil, eraser, exercise book etc. Therefore, it is incorrect to say: I want to go to the bookstore to […]

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“pick” vs. “pluck”

Do you plant fruit trees at home? Well, not that it matters in this post. When the fruits are about to ripen, Malaysians would almost always say: “We’re able to pluck the mangoes in a few days.” That’s incorrect. That’s right. The word that we have been using so often have been wrongly used. It should be: […]

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Follow Me

We sometimes need to get a ride from a friend to get to work or to do some shopping. A very common way of saying it is: “I’ll follow you to the mall.” – though many of us understand this statement perfectly, it is incorrect. follow me – you’re behind me; I’m in front come with […]

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“bienniel” vs. “biannual”

Here is another pair of words that looks the same but each has its own meaning.  bienniel – once every two years biannual – twice a year If you want to say that your organisation conducts financial reports twice a year, then you’ll say: “…biannual financial report” On the other hand, if you report only once every two […]

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