Never got one

I’m not writing a grammar post today. It’s more on two unique languages called Manglish (Malaysian English) and Singlish (Singaporean English).

  • never
  • got
  • one

These are three very common words and very widely used. In Malaysia and Singapore, due to interference of their own vernacular languages, some tend to use them incorrectly, and not knowing that the usage is incorrect!

Observe these classic examples:

(a) never

  1. never see you just now.
    [I did not see you just now.]
  2. Why you never come yesterday?
    [Why didn’t you come yesterday?]
  3. You never finish your rice.
    [You did not finish your rice.]

(b) got

  1. got money in my wallet.
    [I have money in my wallet.]
  2. We got no time to visit you.
    [We don’t have the time to visit you.]
  3. Yes, I got see the movie already.
    [Yes, I have seen the movie already.]

(c) one

  1. He is always late one.
    [He is always late.]
  2. This one is better than that one.
    [This is better than that (one).]
    [This one is better than that.]
  3. Use this one.
    [Use this.]

 The mistakes are hilarious, but ironically, these mistakes are what make both countries special compared to other English-speaking nations.