English vocabulary: Transport

Here are the most used English words from the category of transport.

Learn the most common words and master the English language.

Other very used words from the category: transport

car coupe punt 
auto cable car trailer 
bus ice boat tractor-trailer 
automobile aircraft dogsled 
balloon plane rocket 
battleship magic carpet space shuttle 
bobsled airplane oil tanker 
bomber limousine fishing boat 
bulldozer ship bullet train 
journey boat rapid transit 
passenger rowboat riverboat 
speedboat locomotive driver 
stroller ski lift sled 
diesel truck dinghy sledge 
delivery van town car sleigh 
van subway chair lift 
conveyance minibus sedan 
carrier minivan skiff 
haul moped snowplow 
stagecoach motorcycle snowmobile 
satellite engine snow cat 
jeep motor school bus 
electric car motorboat tanker 
golf cart tank taxi 
gondola lorry taxicab 
fire engine truck off-road vehicle 
helicopter cargo ship toboggan 
hot-air balloon freighter ferry 
mountain bike freight train tractor 
houseboat amphibious vehicle tram 
hybrid armored car transit 
seaplane motor home narrowboat 
hydroplane caravan wagon 
wheelchair tow truck warship 
yacht parachute train 
crane paddle raft 
escalator steamboat vehicle 
ride steamship carriage 
bicycle conveyor belt cart 
cab pedal boat trolley 
kayak pickup truck runabout 
canoe pilot propeller 
glider sailboat chopper 
baby carriage sail cruise ship 
bike ketch forklift 
wheel vessel elevator 
scooter tire dirigible 
harvester four-wheel drive hovercraft 
combine hearse ambulance 
container ship semi life raft 
convoy police car lifeboat 
rudder submarine racecar 
spaceship garbage truck railroad 
scull horse carriage railway