The Problematic “e”

If you’re a chess (not chest) player, you’ll know that the pawn is the smallest piece on the chess board. It is considered a “weak” piece as it could move only one step at a time – forward only – unlike the bishop, queen or rook that could glide across the board – backward and […]

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Never got one

I’m not writing a grammar post today. It’s more on two unique languages called Manglish (Malaysian English) and Singlish (Singaporean English). never got one These are three very common words and very widely used. In Malaysia and Singapore, due to interference of their own vernacular languages, some tend to use them incorrectly, and not knowing […]

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“stationary” vs. “stationery”

There’s no spelling error here. Although both words are pronounced the same way,  “stationary” and “stationery” do not have the same meaning. Yet, you sometimes see mistakes. stationary (adj.) – not moving stationery* (n.) – writing materials like pen, pencil, eraser, exercise book etc. Therefore, it is incorrect to say: I want to go to the bookstore to […]

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