Never got one

I’m not writing a grammar post today. It’s more on two unique languages called Manglish (Malaysian English) and Singlish (Singaporean English). never got one These are three very common words and very widely used. In Malaysia and Singapore, due to interference of their own vernacular languages, some tend to use them incorrectly, and not knowing […]

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“inspiration” vs. “aspiration”

“Inspiration” comes from the word “inspire“, while “aspiration” comes from the word “aspire“. inspiration (n.) – a feeling of enthusiasm that gives you idea(s) to do something aspiration (n.) – desire to achieve something Examples: The recent speech was an inspiration to all of us to strive and work harder. My inspiration to be successful comes from failures of renown figures. […]

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I Founded It!

We know that the past participle of “find” is “found“. For instance: What did you find in the cave? I found some treasures there. Sometimes the word “founded” is used in a sentence but it gives an entirely different meaning. For instance: The organisation was founded by a prominent Chinese businessman. (√) Take note that “founded” has nothing to do with the […]

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“affect” vs. “effect”

A regular reader of my blog, Bananaz, asked me to blog about the difference between “affect” and “effect“.  I’ve heard politicians pronounce the words wrongly; they’re not interchangeable. affect (v.) – to influence or cause something to change effect (n.)* – the result of a particular action or event Examples: (a) affect The flu has affected my concentration at […]

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