English vocabulary: Car

Here are the most used English words from the category of car.

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Other very used words from the category: car

air bags motor hand brake 
antenna bumper speedometer 
auto emergency brake gearshift 
car emergency lights seat 
automatic transmissionrear window defroster passenger seat 
automobile oil turn signal 
battery oil filter internal combustion engine 
gasoline armrest clutch 
gasoline engine fuel windshield wiper 
unleaded gas fuel gauge roof 
fender trip computer headlight 
side mirrors parking lights tachometer 
brake light piston seat bags 
brakes gas trailer hitch 
windshield accelerator cruise control
high-beam headlight gas cap thermometer 
baby seat tire gasket 
diesel engine odometer muffler 
door floor mats shock absorber 
emissions chassis air vent 
gps fuse interior light 
drive shaft alarm steering wheel 
hybrid power steering exhaust system 
cooling system low-beam headlight air filter 
radiator license plates tailgate 
carburetor gear stick back-up lights 
key dashboard lock 
air conditioner radio spark plug 
wheelframe ignition 
trunk spare tire rear-view mirror 
manual transmission mat mirror 
engine defroster jack