English vocabulary: Kitchen

Here are the most used English words from the category of kitchen.

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Other very used words from the category: kitchen

broiler microwave oven cutlery 
knife sharpener tureen flatware 
colander mixing bowl custard cup 
percolator bowl garbage bag 
tin butter dish recipe 
sugar bowl blender range 
teaspoonmixer cutting board 
timer coffee grinder salad bowl 
cleanser meat grinder dish soap 
sink pepper grinder sifter 
jug pepper mill sieve 
pitcher freezer glasses 
mug dishwasher jar 
grill soap cabinet 
aluminum foil ladle cupboard 
sponge utensils creamer 
pot knife steak knife 
ice box shearsgrater 
dish poultry shears table 
food measuring cup tea cup 
stove trash bags vegetable peeler 
carafe garbage can whisk broom 
casserole trash can beater 
coffee maker waste basket salad spinner 
coffee mill juicer skewers 
ice bucket sauce pan plate 
tongs sauce boat platter 
cake pan can opener thermometer 
kettle opener batter 
teapot bottle opener dough 
spices pestle pressure cooker 
bread basket frying pan toaster 
basket pan oven 
broom skillet napkin 
slicer roasting pan tablecloth 
cook paper towels dish towel 
cookbook baking dish cooker 
kitchen pepper shaker rice cooker 
food processor plastic bags boil 
bottle plastic wrap lid 
refrigerator can fork 
garlic press saucer ice cream maker 
spoon cup wok 
tablespoon tumbler bun warmer 
potato masher soup bowl ice cube tray 
measuring spoons shelves apron 
whisk roaster leftovers