“Those money” or “that money” – which is correct?

In English, the word “money” is uncountable, just like “water”.

Just as we would say “that water”, not “those water” (and we probably all feel that “those water” doesn’t make sense), we must say “that money” in English (when you say “those money” or “these money”, it pulls on the ears just as much as “those water”):

  • Where did he get all that money? (correct)
  • Where did he get all those money? (wrong)

and similarly for “these”:

  • This money is for people in need. (correct)
  • These money are for people in need. (incorrect)

While there are words such as “moneys” and “monies” (plurals of “money”) for which “these” could be used, these are only used in legal and financial jargon when referring to multiple sources of money. Unless you’re writing legalese, you can pretend these words don’t exist – you won’t encounter them in normal speech.