What does wtw mean in text

What’s the word

This acronym is most frequently used in text to replace the complete spelt out the phrase “what’s the word?“. It is similar to asking the questions “what’s up?” or “what’s going on?”

Acronyms for WTW:

  • What’s up?
  • What’s new?
  • What’s happening?
  • Hey, What’s up?
  • How’s everything?
  • How are things?
  • What’s happening
  • How’s it going?
  • What’s the good word?
  • What’s new?
  • How are you?

Origin of the abbreviation WTW

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly how and when WTW was founded. However, it can be assumed that people simply shortened the commonly used phrase to speed up their communication.

It is not clear in what context WTW first appears in literature in 1649 and recurs in several peaks, and has been a regular occurrence since 1766. Source Google Books Ngram Viewer:

Other meanings of the acronym WTW

WTW is used to abbreviate several other phrases. For example, “walk the walk”, “worth the wait”, “walk this way”, “walk through walls”, and “wheel to wheel”. These are just a small handful of examples and there are many other things it can refer to

Walk Through Walls

WTW is a slang term. WTW stands for Walk Through Walls (gaming), Walk this Way. The meaning of WTW is Walk Through Walls (gaming), Walk this Way. Slangs are part of our everyday life. We utter them and we use them in our text messages.

Walk this Way

Also used in games.