English vocabulary: Buildings

Here are the most used English words from the category of buildings.

Learn the most common words and master the English language.

Other very used words from the category: buildings

bus station pharmacy post office 
automat drugstore fire station 
bank doctor’s office car dealership 
bar airport shop 
bistro lighthouse city hall 
tea house motel town hall 
tearoom museum real estate agency 
gas stationnatural history museum restaurant 
theater art museum fast food restaurant 
farmer’s market wax museum butcher shop 
camera store car wash salon 
haberdashery mall saloon 
gallery store sandwich shop 
art gallery gift store courthouse 
auditorium electronics store stadium 
barbershop music store antique shop 
inn kiosk store supermarket 
pub furniture store school 
hotel clothing store nursery 
toy store shoe store dressmaker 
playground grocery store dance studio 
cafeteria quilt store gym 
hairdresser candy shop gymnasium 
office building general store market 
cafe discount store university 
coffee shop department store diner 
cinema chain store public garden 
movie theater repair shop video store 
jewelry store stationery store train station 
clinic parking garage college 
bookstore arcade amusement park 
library bakery pawnshop 
copy shop brasserie ice cream shop 
beauty salon pizza place zoo 
tailor undertaker dentist’s office 
feed store police station pet store